References and links

Ragnars references:
- Important people from the ICT and, more specific, UNIX* community.
- UNIX* commands list comparison.
- Computer timeline.
- 7 bits cellphone table.

- TXAdmin project
- EveryChat (just for fun)
- My old webpage: Trolls Corner
- Some old exported bookmarks: [1], [2]
- Site-map, mind-maps and other commonly used links...
- Desktopframe

YubNub cheat sheet:

df (define), glot-XY (translate), gl (G-linux), gmac (G-macintosh), 
dd (domain dossier), thes (thesourus), spellcheck, cref (C reference), 
ascii, wikip (wikipedia), w3c (validator), code (search koders), 
[news]gator (rss newsreader), deli_deliu_deliut (del.icio.us), 
phon (phonetic), arch (wayback)...
See also my wikinotes.